Music song and dance has been the sustaining activities through which the African; the Negro; the Black; the African American has expressed their emotions of suffering and hope. Chicken, Chitlins and Caviar explores the African American Experiences and traditions through the universal lens of music using food as the metaphor.  Chicken, as the staple of every Sunday dinner brings you the Soul and R&B, Chitlins, just making due with what chu’ got is the blues and soul music, and Caviar is the refined and cultured that is represented by the spirituals and Broadway.

 As these ladies weave their musical story, you may have that nostalgic feeling of being at church on Sunday morning or eating big momma’s Sunday dinner after church.  Or you may be in a smoky nightclub on Friday night bumpin’, grindin’ and sweatin’ cause baby you know it ain’t nothin’ like being Black of a Friday night after payday!  Perhaps you’re reminiscing about your formal and fur, faux or otherwise, strolling down Broadway to the theater for a play, because sometimes the palate changes when you move on up.  Whatever your style, whatever your taste, join us on the musical journey that is Chicken, Chitlins and Caviar. A truly exciting, historical and educational music review that you must see and experience.

…That’s what I loved about this presentation, it really expressed the root of the African American experience in music.

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Gabriela & Gregg

Under Currents Weekend Radio Show, Episode 210

Excellent show with a stellar cast!


Oakland, CA

The show is so educational and uplifting…

J. Moss

East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

For a couple of hours we forgot about our woes and problems…


Fontana, CA

This is a Broadway worthy show, to be sure… costumes, music, everything!


Clovis, CA

Excellent musical – Chicken, Chitlins and Caviar has all the right ingredients: grace, grit, gospel and good natured fun! The band set the tone and each scene took us…there!  The spirit was in the house!

M. Mayne

Mayne Voice, Fairfield, CA

Excellent production, wow! Make sure to catch the encore shows!


CEO, The Moore Music Group, Fairfield, CA

Meet the performers

April M. Wright

Verlin Sandles

June 8 & 9, 2024


Lesher Center for the Arts

1601 Civic Dr., Walnut Creek, CA 94596



June 8th -2:00p & 7:00p

June 9th – 2:00p